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Exchange or return

You have the option of returning any product to us for an exchange within twenty days from the date indicated on the proof of receipt.

In the event of a return for a refund, you must return the products to us within fourteen days, you will receive a refund of the amount paid for the returned products on the payment method used for the order concerned by the return within a period of 15 working days.

For products benefiting from a promotion (including promotional code on influencer marketing operation) this period is reduced to seven days.

Products purchased with a reduction of -50% or more, offers 1 bought = 1 offered are neither taken back nor exchanged.

For orders delivered by Mondial Relay, the withdrawal period takes effect from the date of notification of the availability of your package at the relay of your choice.

Your returns should be sent to:




You must imperatively send us by email to, your proof of return (the stamp of the carrier serving as proof) mentioning the tracking number, our return address and the contact details used when placing your order.

Returns that do not comply with these conditions will automatically be subject to a credit note.


Once the package has been returned in good condition and respecting the instructions above, Bozine will refund the amount corresponding to the item(s) within 15 working days.

You will receive a confirmation email notifying you of the refund or the creation of your credit note.

If an error or a defect on the product is found, the customer's return costs will be refunded. This error must be reported within 24 hours after notification of delivery of your package.

When using a gift card or a credit note, the refund is fully credited to the latter.


Bozine reserves the right to refuse returns in the following cases:

-When the return label and the package are sent beyond 14 days after the date of receipt of your order

- When the item is not returned in its original packaging and condition or in poor condition

-When the is not shipped to the above mentioned address.

All parcels whose stamp shows a date greater than 14 days will be refused.

For all problems related to your return, 2 solutions, please contact us:




If your item has a defect, we invite you to contact us within 24 hours of receipt of your package via our contact form available on our site, our team will find a solution.